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The Secrets of Concrete Masonry Manufacturing Process

Ever Wondered How We Make Our Products? It’s All Revealed Now. There has been a lot of talk lately about our new masonry products. Have you wondered how we make them? There are, of course, some secrets we can’t disclose, but read on to find out about Saturn Material’s concrete masonry manufacturing process. It all starts with the raw materials that either arrive by a tanker truck or dump truck. These raw materials are stored in large silos or storage bins. We then dispense the ingredients into large industrial mixers to create a homogenous mix. Precise measurements are used by …

Sherwin Williams Paint Chip Color Matching Test

Color Matching – An Architect’s Dream

Architects are visionaries. An architect starts a new project and can visualize every little detail. The architect has found an innovative concrete masonry producer that makes a product that will be perfect for the project. Everything is coming together, but there’s one catch. The producer doesn’t have the right color. Now, it would be easy for the architect to simply select a different color or even select a different producer, but now you don’t have to compromise. Color matching technology has arrived. Introducing Saturn Materials’ innovative coloring system. We utilize the LANXESS pigment as part of our green initiative. This sustainable system allows …

A collection of Saturn Materials' eco friendly building materials

How Green Is Saturn Materials?

There is a lot of buzz in the construction industry about the benefits of using a “green” product.  Using eco friendly building materials is important, and when used in the building process, we help the environment. So, how does Saturn Materials ensure we make our products with a sustainability focus? Quite a lot! Manufacturing The machinery used in making our products are controlled with a very high efficiency process. The entire plant operates on a 600 Amp circuit. Our natural gas consumption is also relatively low. Our products cure in a steam chamber overnight, which results in lower embodied energy. To …

Saturn Materials Masonry - Structural - 8x8x16 Striated Face

Flexing Our Striated Muscle – Striated Masonry Texture

Saturn Materials prides itself on unique and innovative products for all your concrete masonry needs. From custom colors, to various shapes and sizes, we’re confident that we can bring your concrete dreams to life. Another facet of our products is texture. Introducing our striated texture. As Louisa May Alcott once said, “Strength and beauty must go hand in hand”1At Saturn Materials, we very much agree. Saturn Materials utilizes a fine mix of fly ash and cement, which is the perfect balance of form and function. If you’re looking for a standout product to make your masonry project turn heads, check …

Saturm Materials Masonry Brick Colors

More, More, More Masonry Brick Colors!

Most would agree that ‘more’ is better. That’s why we have been working on carefully formulating more masonry brick colors; we know that you love having more choices! A building project can be an extension of a company, a brand identity, or even an individual’s personality. Therefore, it is imperative that we continue to adapt and provide based on your needs and desires. DOVE ASH CANVAS Everyone loves a good neutral shade. Neutrals are sophisticated, timeless and they go with everything. Dove, Ash and Canvas are the perfect neutral colors for your next masonry project, whether you need bricks, pavers, thru-walls or large veneers. These …

EaCo Chem Presentation - April 26 2017 event

Special Event: EaCo Chem Presentation

Saturn Materials in partnership with EaCo Chem, Inc. and Jackson Newell Paper Companies are hosting a special indoor/outdoor presentation event on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 from 10 AM to 2 PM. Saturn Materials has recently partnered with EaCo Chem, Inc. as our exclusive provider of masonry cleaning solutions for all Saturn Materials products. Like Saturn Materials, EaCo Chem is an innovative leader in their industry. With an exciting new wave of cleaning solutions for the masonry and construction industries, EaCo Chem creates products that are not only top-of-the-line, but are also less harsh on the environment.

New Saturn Materials New Product Guides

New Saturn Materials Product Guides Now Available!

Can you believe that the first quarter of the Year of the Brick is almost at a close? We certainly have been busy. Between trade shows, meeting with clients, developing new products, colors and everything in between — we’re only getting ramped up. Over the last few months, we’ve had numerous requests filter in requesting Saturn Materials Product Guides for all of our current capability. After careful review, the wait is over, we are excited to finally be able to offer these guides. Saturn Materials Product Guides Click on the following links to download a PDF version of our product guides. Bricks – Saturn Materials Product Guide …

The Year-of-the-Brick---Featured-Image

2017 is the Year of the Brick

The Chinese New Year was just over a month ago and according to the Chinese zodiac, this is the year of the Rooster. However, Saturn Materials is celebrating a different type of new year. The Year of the Brick. The Year of the Brick Saturn Materials might be a young company, but that shouldn’t fool you. With over 50 years of experience, our innovations in the masonry industry are nothing short of remarkable. Saturn Materials is committed to creating innovative masonry products. We offer a wide variety of colors, ranging from charcoal to ivory with a range of colors in between. We are constantly creating …

Saturn Materials Innovative Masonry Colors: Ivory and Ecru

Lighting the Way to Innovative Masonry Colors

Introducing: IVORY and ECRU If you have been searching for new, innovative masonry colors — search no more. Saturn Materials is creating new colors all the time and we are excited to introduce two brand new colors! Come to the light side After creating the deep, dark color of Charcoal, we shifted to the lighter side of the color spectrum and conceived Ivory and Ecru. Your next masonry project will shine like a beacon of light with these unique shades. Ivory The raw-edged brick shown above is our revolutionary shade of Ivory. If you’re thinking you haven’t seen this light of a brick color before, than you would …